Stephen & Tiffany's sunset anniversary

Husband and wife photographers, Tiffany and Stephen, recently reached out to me one day in request for something special for their five years wedding anniversary.  "Just something fun and romantic," she insisted.  Their only request was to somehow incorporate Stephen's pride and joy: his 1965 Tiffany blue Mustang..

It called for rain that day, but the sun lit perfectly instead. I just knew it was going to be an awesome evening. As soon as I jumped out of my jeep, Tiffany walked over with a huuge smile on her face and two iced Starbucks coffees in hand.. one for her, one for me. 

"We're going to get along just fine," I thought to myself..

Boy, was I right..

The sun was just starting to set behind the rolling mountains of Ligonier.  It was one of those humid Pennsylvania summer days where it felt so thick it was harder to breathe. 

But Stephen and Tiffany didn't complain one bit about the weather while shooting, almost as if they hadn't even noticed.  

The couple ever-so-sweetly interrupted with genuine laughter throughout the entirety of the shoot. There was no doubt about it.. you could just tell that they were best friends aside from husband and wife..

Feel free to stare at that car before continuing to scroll... 

Within twenty minutes of shooting in the heat, I took the couple to a nearby field that I had eyed up previous to them showing up.. We pulled off the side of the road, carefully crossed the electric fence, and began shooting again. 

I asked him to lift her (as in simply pick her up) and then THIS happened... 

**This is about when I got electrocuted by the fence... sadface**

Stephen and Tiffany: Thank you both so, so much for inviting me to capture your special day! I feel so blessed to have worked with you two and I wish you many more years of love, happiness, and occasional dates BEHIND the lens! ;) 


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